Today’s satirical video from Buzzfeed illustrates the subtle and not-so-subtle sexism that still exists in the workplace today including: That pressure to “not end sentences with a question” and “be more assertive.” When you’re talked over in meetings, even when your idea is awesome. And, Being asked to do things that the other gender isn’t asked to do, […]

Is this the push organizations need? By Valentina Zarya Still not convinced that gender diversity is good for the bottom line? Maybe this will do it. On Monday, the Peterson Institute for International Economics and professional services firm EY released a study that reveals a significant correlation between women in leadership and company profitability. The report […]

Interview of Jan Perkins by Samantha (Sam) Ferrigno, Membership & Marketing Manager, ICMA Recently I was reading PM magazine searching for leadership articles or quick tips that I chould share on this blog, and I thumbed across ‘Building Career Resiliency: Hone Your Ability to Grow from Adversity.’ The article includes great takeaways and common traits and practices […]