Male Bosses Need to Speak Up for Gender Balance When Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was asked why he intentionately appointed a cabinet made up of an equal number of male and female members, he stated, “Because it’s 2015.” By Avivah Wittenberg-Cox, Does anyone else find it strange that the debate heating up in the US around […]

How Libraries and Police Departments are “Similar?” By Amber Cameron, Strategic Operations Manager – City of Palo Alto, CA Both experience something called Occupational Segregation… “Tell your grandfather about all the women’s stuff you’ve been working on,” my mom says at a holiday family get together. After briefly talking about the ICMA conference this year, […]

By League of Women in Government Editor Although women currently account for about 21 percent of all local government chief executives today, research shows that it continues to prove difficult for women to break into these top executive positions.  Percentages are even less in traditionally male dominated fields such as public safety, engineering, and utilities. We’re working […]

ICMA Coaching Program: Thrive in Local Government The ICMA Coaching Program launches in January 2016 — thanks to ICMA securing National Platinum Sponsor ICMA-RC. Expanding upon the success of the Cal-ICMA Coaching Program and 15 ICMA State Association Coaching Partners in 2015, we are bringing coaching programs and resources to all members and non-members of […]