New mothers are often not ready to just pick up where they left off at work. Their employers need to know and respond to this. By Elaine Davidson, The weeks leading up to the end of  maternity leave and the first weeks back at work are undoubtedly the most difficult for many working mothers. Organizations—and […]

By Dave Smith, Chief Product Officer, Payscale Managers know that engaged employees are more effective. But despite the vast amount of employee engagement research out there, very little of it focuses on a person’s primary reason for employment in the first place: getting paid. PayScale, the compensation software company where I work, surveyed 71,000 employees […]


“Sometimes it takes awhile to fully embrace that I needed and wanted to move on.” By Charlene Stevens, City Administrator – Cottage Grove, MN I have worked in local government since 1996 and been fortunate to have good mentors and good opportunities.   I was by most reasonable accounts a good manager and a solid professional.  […]